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#so this is what i was talking about - dean’s being hard with him sure #but that is HEARTBREAK and FRUSTRATION and all the emotional constipation of this man right on his face#bundled up into one ”why won’t you just fight with us again” #”why won’t you just be with ME again” #in 7.17 they were on the road to fixing it and to dean that’s just… gone now #and he feels alone again - like when cas was never even there - and it upsets him and bewilders him #and he takes it out on the stranger in his friend’s trenchcoat

 #Okay I see people on my dash that are all like ‘Dean is terrible to Cas blah blah feelings blah’ #DO YOU NOT GET THAT DEAN IS TRYING TO RECONCILE WHAT IS GOING ON?! #He wants Cas to be HIMSELF again #he wants HIS Cas back #and when he shows up and finds this new Castiel…think of all the shit that Dean has had to deal with this season #losing Bobby and thinking he lost Cas. #To even potentially get Cas back is a big deal #And Dean just wants it so bad #because he’s so frustrated with these Leviathans that he doesn’t think he can beat #If you think for ONE FUCKING SECOND that he doesn’t still love Castiel with all of his fucking heart then you are wrong my friend #Dean loves him and cares about him and he just wants Cas to be OKAY #Right now he doesn’t think Cas is okay and that’s why he’s so upset #Newsflash guys: Dean’s not that great at ~expressing himself #I thought everyone had figured that out

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